Programs and Projects

Here is a list of freeware and shareware programs as well as hardware for the Apple IIGS and Macintosh. Some of it is from me, on some I only helped in a way. Most of it is here for historical reasons. You can download the software from this page.

Mac OS X Software

  • ODE Module - A pro Fit module. It solves initial value problems of sets of coupled first-order differential equations (up to fourteen). Systems of higher order can be reduced to sets of first-order equations. The solutions are plotted over the integration variable and against each other (phase diagrams). Freeware
  • AsyncClient - Simple Sample Client to demonstrate the usage of AsyncSocket, a TCP/IP socket networking library for Cocoa (Mac OS X, iOS). Freeware
  • ASURO McFlash - App for flashing the ASURO robot.
Classic Mac OS Software
  • PlastFEM - Finite element program for learning with elasto-plastic 2D-elements. Shareware
  • Seilnetze 3D - Finite element program for cable structures. Contact me if you are interested. Freeware
  • ProTYPE - Converts files you drag & drop on it to make them better useable with Apple II computers. It will type the files correctly and convert Binscii files. Freeware
  • JavaTyper - Drag & Drop utility for Java files, makes the handling of these files more comfortable for MacOS users. Freeware
  • Mac F2C - Fortran to C/C++ translator for CodeWarrior and Symantec C, by Igor Mikolic-Torreira. Freeware
  • Mac MPI for CodeWarrior - A CodeWarrior port of the Message Passing Interface used on many high-performance parallel computer systems.
Apple IIGS Software & Hardware
  • MathGraphics - function plotting program (f(x), f(x,y), x(t)/y(t), paired values). Freeware
  • NumberCruncher - numerical coprocessor for the IIGS, by Andreas Schmidt

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